About Us
Combining our backgrounds in fashion, portrait and documentary photography has made for a seamless transition into wedding photography. Our unique brand of wedding photojournalism has taken us across Canada, and to destinations such as Italy, the Dominican Republic and England.  It's our mission to help you remember the love, the laughter and all the beautiful moments in between.

Josh Fee 

I never actually planned on being a photographer.

In fact, it's purely by chance that I've ended up here at all. In the final semester of my undergraduate degree in Political Science I found myself one credit short of graduating. 

After somehow managing to fail my previous semester's designated bird course, (Christianity 101 of course), I had no choice but to add an extra class to my course load. While wondering the Mount Allison University campus, I bumped into a friend who was waiting for Intro Photography class to start. She insisted that despite the my lack of Fine Art experience, or a portfolio, that I should take a shot and apply to enrol. No term papers, and no extra text book to buy? It was perfect! 

To my surprise, the professor, (who turned out to be celebrated Canadian photographer Thaddeus Holownia), graciously granted my request to join the class. Within the first 5 minutes of class it was clear; this was going to amount to far more than just a recovered academic credit. I immediately realized that this was what I wanted to do and before the end of the semester I had applied to the Western Academy of Photography's Professional Photography Program in Victoria, B.C. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Robin Gartner

I was born and raised in the Yukon. I have always attributed my photographic eye to the cabin fever filled movie nights and all those camping trips in Klaune National Park. It wasn't until after my visual arts program that I found photography. I bought my first camera when I was 21, an Olympus OM-1 and there was no turning back. A year later I was enrolled at Western Academy of Photography in Victoria BC. 

After completing the Professional Photography Program in 2006 I moved to Vancouver to further my photographic education as an assistant. Honing my skills under the mentorship of Vancouver's top commercial, editorial and portrait photographers really shaped who I am as a photographer today. By the time I was ready to leave Vancouver my portfolio was filled with local ad campaigns, print editorials and model test shoots. 

In the spring of 2010 we arrived in Toronto. From day one we both knew that this was home. As it turns out Toronto seems to like us too. The continued success of our individual work, along with our joint passion for wedding photography means we're here to stay.     

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